Kur'an ve Arapça Eğitimi

تعليم القران الكريم واللغة العربية

The believer in Quran

The believer in Quran is never in the dark. We are given direct from our creator, reliable information dealing with the purpose of our creation, who we are, what we are, why we are, and where we are going. The believer of Quran knows, for example , how this world will end. The splitting of the moon, the smoke that will envelop the world.

Al –Qamar 1,2

When the Hour approaches, the moon will split. Yet, whenever they see a sign, they turn away saying, “this is real magic.”


Al –Dukhan 10…..14

Watch for the day when the sky brings overwhelming smoke.

It will envelope all the people and will be painful.

Our Lord, remove this suffering from us, we now believe.

How come they remember now, when an honest messenger had come to them?

But they ignored him and said, “He is well educated, but crazy.”