Kur'an ve Arapça Eğitimi

تعليم القران الكريم واللغة العربية

Quran is protected record

Al –Burooj 21,22

Indeed, this is a glorious Quran .

In a protected record.


Al –Hijr 9

Surely, We sent down this message, and surely, We will preserve it.


It takes time and effort for the believers to reach total submission and complete acceptance of Quran. This is manifested in the fact that the majority of Moslims at any given time do not accept the fact that all they need is the Quran, the whole Quran, and nothing but the Quran.


Al –Hadeed 16

Is it not time for the believers to wholeheartedly submit to this message of God and the truth that He revealed herein ? Do not be like those who received previous scriptures, then their hearts become hardened by the passage of time, many of them are wicked..